Why You Should Be Living A Zero-Waste Life

I wanted to share this blog post from Bloglovin Lifestyle because I think it contains some good questions for self reflection and our personal impact on the planet. How our choices will affect future generations and how as good, responsible stewards of the planet we can leave this place better off than when we got here.

We live in a society that is about consuming more, especially as Americans. Our choices are selfish and focused on about having more. The irony is as we grow older we realize that having more isn’t what matters, what makes us happier or peaceful.

It’s not the stuff we have but the relationships we value and nurture. It’s the memories we cherish and people we love and who love us back that matters most.

So as you read through this article and ask yourself these questions, be honest and reflect on what matters most and I think you will find its not about ‘the stuff’ we have.

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