Why is protein important for a vegetarian/vegan?

Non-vegetarians/vegans have a large range of protein choices.  As a new vegetarian or vegan, it is really important for you to understand why having protein in your diet is so important.  The body uses protein to repair and build tissue. It also uses protein to make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals.  It is the building block for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood.

So you can see how important is it to make sure as a new vegetarian/vegan to continue to maintain a healthy level of intake of daily protein.  And the good news is, there are a variety of ways to make sure you get it in your diet.

Different types of flour, soy products, seeds and nut can help you maintain that healthy intake and if you find you are running a little low on protein, taking a Vitamin B supplement will also be beneficial to include in your daily routine.

Here is a link from Web MD that will elaborate on the importance of maintaining a healthy level of protein in your new vegetarian diet/lifestyle – http://www.webmd.com/men/features/benefits-protein