Why buy organic?

Organic foods are a healthy choice for your body!

Choosing organic foods ensures that you avoid eating chemicals and pesticides found on conventionally grown fruits and vegetables (read my earlier post about the Dirty Dozen and Clean  Fifteen). In addition, research shows that foods grown organically have a better nutritional profile than those grown non-organically.

Organic Foods are a better choice because:

  • It is better for the environment
  • No bees butterflies, fish, birds and other animals/insects are killed
  • No chemical fertilizers to contaminate ground water sources
  • No deterioration on the health of the soil
  • Organic farming methods help conserve soil fertility and biodiversity naturally by replenishing soils with compost and mulch
  • Organic farming techniques are known to improve the health of the entire ecosystem

I’d also recommend doing some reading about the difference about Organic vs Non-GMO because there is a difference.  Non-GMO does not mean it was grown organically, it just means that no genetically modified seeds were used, but there can still be use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and sprays used in the farming process.  If you are going to eat clean, it should also be clean of any and all farming chemicals.

The Difference between Organic vs Non-GMO