What is tahini?

A friend of mind, who grew up vegetarian, shared with me how her mom cooked just about everything with tahini.  Tahini just made everything taste so much better.  So, as she is telling me this I am thinking it’s some kind of spice or seasoning that you add to your meal preparations.

The next time I go into the grocery store, I am in the spice section, looking and looking for this thing called tahini.  No luck.  I go to a second store and look for it there, again no luck.  Finally I go to a 3rd store, and again nothing.  So, I just figured it was so popular that it sells out really quick.  So, I dismiss the thought and just figured I would eventually find it and buy it. NO, I did not ask for help from a salesclerk (silly me).

Now a couple of months go by.  I come across a recipe that says I need some tahini.  This time I GOOGLE it and realize that it is  just sesame seeds blended into a creamy kind of paste.  So, being the brilliant mind that I am, I attempt to make it myself. I find a recipe online, get out the Magic Bullet, then the Nutri-Bullet and realize these machines are useless in making tahini or maybe it’s just me.  Maybe I need to buy a real food processor?

Alright, so now that I know what tahini is, I go back to the grocery store.  Only now to find out I was looking in the WRONG places in these grocery stores.  It is in the refrigerated food section NOT the spices.  These are the growing pains of a new vegetarian.  Learning new terminology about foods that I have been eating for years.  It’s all good.  The one thing that I did ultimately learn about tahini is, I’m not going to make it myself.  It takes too much work for the little bit I need for a recipe.

Now, if you want to give it a try yourself, here is Easy Tahini Recipe, but make sure you have a real food processor because I did not find those other designs to work well with my attempt at making homemade tahini.  Have fun with it and I wish you great success with your tahini making adventure.