Vegetarian Sex

Did I get your attention?  LOL

This vegetarian journey is something that my significant other and I have started together.  The man has always loved a great steak, so needless to say, he has been doing some negotiation on meals and when it might be appropriate to incorporate some “meat” into his diet. I have not budged much in the negotiation.

That being said, one thing that made me hit pause for a moment was a conversation we had about how a lack of protein affects sexual function in a man, particularly his testosterone level.  You can imagine what my reaction was.

The good thing is, my sweetheart is a die-hard fact finder (he is a biologist).  He did all the homework and research of medical journals and scientific publications and the conclusion is that a vegetarian or vegan male does NOT suffer from performance issues.

I will not get into all of the research and details, but rest assured if your man or you are a man considering this lifestyle change, you will lack for nothing.  You do however, have to balance you meals properly because you can’t just walk into a steak restaurant and order a 1 lb slab of beef anymore.

Here are a few links you can read through.  Although they focus primarily on vegan men, you will get the concept and message.


8 Scientific Reasons Why Vegan Men Are More Manly