The Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

I got my new spiralizer cookbook this weekend and starting tagging pages of recipes that I would like to try.  I did something that I do not normally do and that is read the preface to the book, or in this particular book it was Chapter 1.

I wanted to get some background information on the fruits & vegetables that work best in a spiralizer tool.  I got that plus a few extra piece of information that I was not aware of.  Once section talked about choosing organic and why you  want to be aware of the dirty dozen and the clean 15.  I had never heard of this before so I did a few checks.

There is an non-profit and environmental watch dog organization called the Environmental Working Group (EWG) who looks at date supplied by the USDA and FDA about pesticide load in commercial groups.  And guess what there are some very “dirty” vegetables out there and those that are clean.  The basic recommendation is for the Dirty Dozen you ALWAYS BUY ORGANIC and NON-GMO if possible.