Restaurant Review: Greens & Vines Gourmet Vegan Restaurant

I was so excited to find a new vegan restaurant in the area to try called Greens and Vines.  I will admit I was a little hesitant because all of the food is served at room temperature, which in a air conditioned restaurant is fairly cold, but we gave it a try. All of the food is served raw, which I am 100% okay eating.

I will say we enjoyed our meals and the service was wonderful. I apologize in advance  on the lack of photos to share, but we were really hungry and on a time crunch to get to another appointment.  The only photo I can share is of the Living Lasagna which was AWESOME!  We also had the crimini mushroom escargot appetizer and my boyfriend had the Kaffir Miso Pad Thai. All of them were greenvinegreat, but again, served at room temperature.

I do recommend you giving this place a try for lunch, dinner or happy hour.

I want to go back again and try some of the desserts on our next visit. I’m looking forward to trying the Wicked Chocolate Tart, Coconut Chocolate Truffles and the Cheesecake.