Reading Material for Vegetarians & Vegans

Are you’re trying to find different sources to read as a new vegetarian? For me, one of the things I wanted to find, as a new vegetarian, was reading material. I didn’t want to just read cookbooks. I really wanted to find sources for helpful tips, hints, tricks, and recipes that I could use to expand my vegetarian knowledge.

I was so happy to find a few magazine options at my local Barnes & Noble bookstore.  I really enjoy flipping through magazines for a few reasons – the photos are awesome and really grab my attention.  The articles are well written and can be inspiring. The helpful hints and tips really enhance my basic knowledge on a variety of topics from ingredients, cooking tips and healthy meal options. The best part of it all, is a magazine is not so big, bulky, and heavy as a cookbook.  I can easily take it with me traveling and in today’s publications world most magazines come in a digital subscription formats.  BONUS!

So, here is a couple of a vegetarian/vegan magazines I have been reading and you might want to consider picking up the current issue, giving it a look through and maybe get a subscription for yourself.

Vegetarian Times