Planning Thanksgiving Dinner – Dish #4 – Roasted Brussels Sprouts in Balsamic Glaze

Brussel sprouts, I make a killer grilled brussel sprout recipe but for Thanksgiving I think I am going to do these in the oven.  The cook time is the same as the shepard’s pie and with my new double oven stove, I can have two dishes cooking at the same time and be extra efficient with my electricity use and the amount of time I spend cooking in the kitchen this year.  I AM SO EXCITED!

Another super easy recipe with ingredients I always have in the house, so the only thing I need to add to the shopping list for this recipe is a pound of brussel sprouts.  Thanksgiving dinner is coming together and it even appears to be shaping up to be much easier than I thought. All of this cooking could be done in about 2 hours, and no carving to do.  YES! I am liking this vegetarian/vegan thanksgiving planning.

Can’t wait, I am getting more and more excited as I pull the menu together.

Here is a simple to make and exciting change from the usual, plain brussels sprouts.

Source: Roasted Brussels Sprouts in Balsamic Glaze