Planning Thanksgiving Dinner – Dish #3 – Cranberry Slaw

You can’t go wrong with serving cranberries, whether is is fresh, jellied, berries, or in a cole slaw that flavorful tang is a MUST!  So, this side dish is going to be a great addition to the menu I am planning for Thanksgiving, to add some “zing” to the meal.

The ingredient list is pretty short and I get to rev up the food processor for this one. For planning purposes, I can make it the night before so I’m not too swamped in the kitchen with recipes on Thanksgiving Day.

I think this recipe is one of those that you can have any night, so I might give this one a try with my mock “fried chicken” tofu one evening soon.

This slightly sweet slaw is easy enough for everyday meals, yet plenty festive for holiday meals. It’s always a hit, and adds little to your workload.

Source: Cranberry Slaw