Planning Thanksgiving Dinner – A MUST! – Easy Mushroom Gravy

Gravy!  What more do I need to say, you can’t have mashed/smashed potatoes without gravy, you can’t have stuffing without gravy, you can’t have thanksgiving dinner without gravy.  So, here’s a recipe to keep on the refrigerator because it will be used over and over again for anything you make that with a little gravy will be so much better.

You might need to run out for a few ingredients for this one, vegetable broth if you don’t make your own and some nutritional yeast, cornstarch or arrowroot and don’t forget the mushrooms.  It won’t be mushroom gravy without the mushrooms.

If you like mushrooms, you’ll enjoy this easy vegan gravy, which is great over seitan, tofu, rice, and especially mashed potatoes.

Source: Easy Mushroom Gravy