I’ve been slacking …

Well, so much for keeping up with my raw diet food posts. So let me take a moment to share a collection of  vacation photos instead and then we will get back to the raw diet foodie posts. 

I’ve come to learn that the primary cuisine in the Maldives consist of curry, curry and more curry… Vegetable curry, fish curry, chicken curry and beef curry. No pork is eaten in Muslim cuisine. I do not have a very tolerant palette for spicy foods so I’ve learned to use vinegar or yogurt to bring down the heat. Food is always an adventure when traveling and eating local cuisine. One of life’s many opportunities to experience new things. 

So, don’t be afraid give things a try, but be prepared with your quick fix remedies and always do some research when eating local to avoid potential food illness, allergies, etc. There’s nothing worse then spending too much time sitting on the potty and less time making memories and having new life experiences.