I Am Changing

I have been a vegetarian for 75 days now. I decided to take a temperature check on my taste buds to see if the foods that once appealed to me as a non-vegetarian still do.  I know I might be setting myself up for a relapse, but I believe in what I am doing to live a healthier life and for the betterment of our planet aka home.

So, I visited the local Whole Foods store and purchased one of my former favorite snacks – mozzarella sticks wrapped with prosciutto, along with my vegetarian items on my shopping list.

In preparation for tonight’s dinner of sweet potato mini pizzas and sweet potato tortellini stuffed with kale and mushrooms, I opened my “snack” and a bottle of pinot grigio.  I sat down to write this post and took a bite of the “snack”.  I felt nothing.  The taste of the cheese and meat was the farthest thing from enjoyable and quite honestly, extremely bland. My taste buds have changed. My appreciation for foods of 2015 (ha, ha) has left me and what was once a personal favorite is now just a memory.

I am changing with each vegetarian or vegan meal I eat. I feel healthier, stronger, balanced in my thoughts and emotions. Who would have thought that changing my food intake could change so much of my outlook and how I appreciate the things around me.

In starting this journey I never thought I would consider a lifestyle of veganism, but now I think it is 100% possible.  I thought it might be to extreme, but I think it will be easier than I had originally expected just 3 months ago.  I am changing, I am enjoying and I am loving the changes I see in me.

A New Vegetarian
– Tracy –