Getting Healthy, Getting Fit

It’s Official …

I have never been a go to ‘the gym’ kind of person.  My perception was that it is for the ‘real fit’ people, ‘oh it’s a pick up place’, and ‘that’s not my thing, I can workout at home and save money’.   I might still have some of these perceptions, but at the same time these thoughts are not helping me get my butt into shape and continue to fuel my desire to live a healthier lifestyle.  Sure I am on the vegetarian path, but I could and should do more now that I am feeding my body all this good stuff.

Fortunately, my health insurance company provides a discounted gym membership at a STEAL of a price of $75 per calendar year.  Now, if had I paid attention to this months ago, I would have maximized the deal in January, but I didn’t. Also, I don’t think I was ready to ‘go to the gym’ back in January.  I have to be honest, going a gym was THE LAST thing I wanted to do this year.

gymI am pushing the BIG 5-O and the metabolism isn’t what it used to be, the cellulite is beginning to stick around and I need to STOP being so lazy. So, today was the day … after running some errands and getting some beautification done on myself I did it.  I drove my lazy butt to 24-Hr Fitness, signed on the magnetic signature pad, logged in with my biometrics and I am a full member of the Hawaii Kai 24-Hr Fitness center.  And here is the best part … my $75 membership gives me ALL GYM access NATIONWIDE … how is that for a BARGAIN!

So, here is my advice to you. Pay attention to some of the junk mail that you get from your insurance companies.  You TOO might have a discount gym membership sitting there that you can use as we both go on this vegetarian journey. You’ll save a lot of dinero (cash) and now that you are eating healthily KICK IT UP with a day or two at the gym. If I can do it, you can too.  Remember, this journey is all about you and no one else, ignore the critics, the haters, the nay-sayers.

GO – GO – GO!

– Tracy –