Dining Out Challenges

One of the first things I noticed is there is a shortage of vegetarian/vegan restaurants where I live. You might experience the same where you live too. So, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I think you might need to get used to this reality sooner than later.

It is really unfortunate that with the variety of ingredients available to chefs, hotels & restaurants, these operations do not stop to think about quality meals options for the vegetarian/vegan customer.  In my opinion, every chef should have at least 5 main dishes they can prepare for a vegan or vegetarian customer that is more than just a few sauté vegetables, a vegetable soup, or a salad option.

Numerous vegetarian and vegan cookbooks are available for purchase to help make a healthy meal option that does not require extra time and expense to a restaurant or hotel.  There are also great FREE APPS that you can download to your smart phone to find various vegetarian and vegan recipes that are quick, easy, and nutritional. If I can prepare a well-balanced meal in under 30 minutes that can be enjoyed by a vegetarian or vegan, then a trained chef can definitely do the same.

If you are out and about and need a place to eat I have a couple of suggestions.  1)  Do a Google search for VEGAN restaurants and 2) DO NOT bother to search for vegetarian restaurants.  The reason I say VEGAN is because these restaurants will actually focus on this lifestyle of eating, they have perfected their cooking skills and recipes options.  You will not be disappointed with the VEGAN choice, even if you are a vegetarian.

If you do search for vegetarian restaurants you will get just about every restaurant near by simply because they offer a salad or veggie burger on their menu. You want a quality meal with a good nutritional value, not iceberg lettuce with a few tomatoes and thousand island salad dressing.  Trust me, I have learned that searching for vegan over vegetarian, produces much better results and I have not been disappointed since I switched my Google search criteria.  Give it a try for yourself and see what you find in your area or any area that you might travel to.