Day 6 – Raw Diet

We are coming to the end of our raw diet challenge and I must say I’m looking forward to enjoying a cup of coffee, an omelette, and some banana pancakes. Like any challenge, it’s great to know when you are almost done with it and get back to some normalcy. I look forward to experiencing some of three local flavors as well. Just hope my stomach can handle any exotic spices they might use here in the Maldives. 

Today’s lunch we got to enjoy the flavors, once again, of the beet root and mango soup. This is going to be one of my favorite dishes, for sure, and I need to see if I can replicate the recipe once I get home.

We also had a veggie canniloni with red pepper puree and finished our lunch with a raw apple crisp, one of the signature desserts on the wellness menu here at the resort.  They top it off with their house muslix and this is full of protein and does a body good.