Cookbooks – Which one to Choose?

Wow, I did not know how many cookbooks there are out there for vegetarians and vegans.  I was at the local B&N bookstore yesterday with the intention of purchasing a specific spiralizer cookbook.  Do you know what a spiralizer is?  Well it looks like this …


I was recently staying with a friend in San Diego and she purchased one of these for us to try some recipes and we LOVED IT!  She’s on Weight Watchers and wanted to create meals that would fit perfectly into her program, but also make the lifestyle switch to vegetarian.  So this spiralizer concept is great for meal creativity, managing portion sizes and there are some awesome recipes.

Unfortunately, to my disappointment B&N had no spiralizer cookbooks available.  So, I will need to buy it on Amazon. But as I started to mention, there are A LOT of cookbook options out there and choosing one that works for you will take some research.  I finally decided to go with a vegan cookbook because I want to improve my vegan cooking skills. After all, I can always add eggs and dairy to them to fit my vegetarian dietary choices.

So, which cookbook did I decide upon?  Well after much thought, I chose Chloe’s Kitchen by Chloe Coscarelli.  I found the selection to be vast and the recipes quite easy.  I have my eye on a few other books, but for now, I think this will be a good start for me to improve my vegan/vegetarian cooking skills.