Breakfast … it’s about quality not quantity

I am getting older, having a heavy breakfast is not something my body can process anymore.  However, now that I am a vegetarian, it is about quality and not quantity, so the problem has taken care of itself.

Some people might think that I don’t eat enough, but we all have to do what works for our own body and knowing how to give it what it needs daily is really important. So, what do I have for breakfast. It’s quite simple really.

breakfastI start with a glass of lemon water, I find that this helps to line by stomach and prepare it to process my intake throughout the day.  It also helps with belly fat (ladies we know what that is).  After that I have my single cup of fair trade, non-GMO coffee for the day. I do use organic agave syrup and non-dairy creamer.  After an hour or so I grab something to eat.  It usually consist of a cup of plain or honey greek yogurt and some chia seeds (organic, non-GMO of course).  I use about a tablespoon of chia seeds, but hey put has much as you want. I like the way they swell up like tapioca with a little crunch.

If you are a morning juicer, then add some chia seeds to your blended beverage. I love them in my juicy-juice creations too.

In an earlier post I mentioned chia seeds and the amount of protein that they provide to your daily diet.   So go back and take a look at that post for a recap of protein sources.