Aloha & Welcome

Welcome and congratulations on your new dietary adventure.  Making the decision to become a vegetarian is not always an easy one. We all have our reasons that have motivated or required us to make this change.

When I decided to become a vegetarian 10 years ago I failed miserably.  I lasted maybe a month and then I was eating my favorite dish, fried chicken. The options back then were not all that great, I had no idea where to start looking for meatless alternatives, how to prepare them, and boy did I miss my burgers and fried chicken.  Today, I am in control and loving my adventure of being and cooking vegetarian.

With today’s vegetarian options you can make A LOT of meals that are plant based, meatless and that taste really awesome.  Going vegetarian is a positive step towards a healthy lifestyle, weight management, more energy, restful sleep, beautiful skin and hair, and in the process your minimizing impact on the planet and animals.

You will start to find people asking you – Why did you go vegetarian? Is it hard to do?  How do you feel?  Do you miss meat? Some might even tempt you into eating meat, but don’t give in.  Prove to them that your decision is final, YOU CAN DO IT and WILL DO IT! Some might even ask you to help them on their journey to becoming a vegetarian. So don’t be shy – share – share – share.  You might inspire others to become healthier, happier, and fabulous.

So take some time to read through the various posts on my blog.  I will do my best to provide you answers to common questions about dietary needs for a vegetarian, food and ingredient options you can consider as you tweak your cooking skills from cooking with meat to meatless options, and more.

Welcome to your new adventure and eating lifestyle. Let’s share this experience together.

I’m Loving It
– Tracy –

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